Acne Skin Care

Acne skin care sometimes focuses on the elimination of the skin’s excess oils. Yet that focus should not lead to the use of harsh soaps or soaps that are applied with a rough surface. Acne on the face can best be prevented by washing with a mild soap both morning and evening. An added washing is needed after heavy exercise. All of the best acne treatments incorporate routine cleansing as an essential part of acne reduction.

Acne skin care should not include the use of astringents on large sections of the face. Astringents can be used on very oily regions of the face. Still, the entire face (from the jaw line to the hairline) needs regular cleansing with a mild soap.

After applying a mild soap to the skin, an acne patient must make sure that that soap does not remain on the skin for a prolonged amount of time. The face needs to be rinsed thoroughly during the course of each cleansing routine, which is part of proper skin care.

Allowing dirty hair to fall on the face counteracts the purpose of daily cleansing. Touching the face with dirty fingers can also cancel out the benefits of daily cleansing.

Acne skin care demands an awareness of not only what is under the skin, but what touches the skin as well. An acne patient who is taking acne medications needs to stay out of direct sunlight whenever possible. Many medications cause the skin to be extra sensitive to the sun’s rays.

There are three ways an acne patient can use added caution in regard to the sun. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 am and 2 pm during periods of standard time. Patients should also use clothing and sunscreen to protect the skin during times when it is exposed to the sun.

Care for the skin should include efforts to supply the skin with proper nutrients. An acne patient benefits from the ingestion of foods that contain Vitamin A (orange and dark green fruits and vegetables). Yet the best diet is of little help, if the blood flow to the skin has been slowed.

An acne patient should not smoke. Smoking slows the flow of blood in the blood vessels. Smoking deprives skin of it’sproper nutrients. With proper acne care and acne cleansing, as well as knowledge on what can cause or exacerbate acne, anyone can reduce or eliminate their acne, providing they have done their research and spoken to thier doctor or a dermatologist.

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