Diet Tips for office worker

We will advise you how not to “starve to death” at work and maybe lose a few kilograms. It’s good to change your eating habits now.

  1. Eat your breakfast at home, this way you will avoid snacking at work or while chatting with colleagues. Do not take a snack to work, this will keep you from getting really hungry.
  2. At lunch time have salad or a healthy soup.
  3. Eat your main meal at home after work. If you work late, have some time to go to a restaurant or pub, Eat slowly, do not hurry. The French are slim not because they do sports, but because they enjoy every bite they take. They celebrate their meals.
  4. Before going to bed eat a piece of fruit or drink some vegetable juice.
  5. Do not skip meals, because if you are really hungry, you will eat a lot at once.
  6. Do not forget to exercise. Even when you are in the office you can move: move your shoulders, bend, move your head and stretch your neck.
  7. Walk around your office, visit your colleagues at their desks.

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