Homemade Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening

Why skin tightening? Yes may be for those who are more than thirty or for some reasons may be your skin looks very loose and even wrinkles! then you need a skin tightening. Several treatments and products are available in the market. But if you can get a homemade skin tightening very easily is it not a boon?

Here the ingredients which I am suggesting to make skin tightening mask is very simple. This you can use in any skin type. This skin tightening mask will not make your skin dry. This can be used for those who are above 25 – 30 years of age. Believe me I am applying this skin tightening mask to my clients after giving a facial or clean up. In my observation it is giving very good results and they are so much satisfied. I ask them to use this skin tightening mask once in every week at their home.

Now How To Prepare This Tightening Mask: Take two or three leaves of cabbage, 2 tsp. rice flour and 1 egg white. (for dry skin add 3 drops of olive oil or almond oil). Mix all these ingredients in a mixer/blender. Add a little water to make it a paste. Simply apply this skin tightening mask on face. Do not massage. Keep it for few min. till it feel tight or dry. Then wash it off with water.Using this skin tightening mask once in a week make your skin free from any signs of wrinkles in future. Step 1Break a large, organic egg into a small mixing bowl, and whisk it until it’s frothy.

How to Make a Skin-Tightening Mask Step 1: Break a large, organic egg into a small mixing bowl, and whisk it until it’s frothy. Step 2: Stir in the sweet almond oil or sunflower oil, cornstarch, sea salt, pure honey and cream or milk, and mix until the ingredients are completely incorporated. Step 3: Smooth the mixture on your face and neck with the pads of your fingers. Apply it in a circular motion, beginning at the neck and working up. Step 4: Allow the skin-tightening facial to remain on your face for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse it with cool water. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel, and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Mask For Oily Skin : Step 1: Bring the water to a boil, then pour in a small bowl and sprinkle in the parlsey and sage. Stir together gently, then allow it to steep until it reaches room temperature.

Step 2: Add in the egg white and whisk the mixture together gently.

Step 3: In a seperate bowl, stir together the french clay powder and goround oatmeal.

Step 4: Squeeze the lemon into the dry mixture, and stir together gently.

Step 5: Slowly pour the liquid mixture into the dry mixture, stirring the ingredients together gently as you do. Continue to stir the mixture until it becomes a consistent paste. If it’s too dry to spread easily, you can add a bit more warm water.

Step 6: Massage the mixture into the entire face. Wait 15 minutes, then rinse off with cool water.

Lemon Egg Mask: facial mask for oily skin types. Mix the juice from a 1/2 of a lemon (squeeze juice out thoroughly) with 1 whipped egg white. Apply to face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat face dry with a clean hand towel. Smooth a gentle moisturizer onto face.

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