At Home Manicure Tips

  • Start by taking off any remainder nail polish. Use cotton balls and nail polish remover. Nail polish remover can be very damaging to your nails, try to use a nail polish remover that is acetone free. Another option would be to use a salon brand nail polish remover, they work a lot better and remove the polish very easily.
  • The next step is to shape your nails. If your nails are weak or damage it would be better to keep them short. Use a file for this step unless the nails are very short and you need to trim off a lot with scissors or clippers before. Remember to file your nails filing in one direction to prevent damage to your nails.
  • Clean your nails with a nail brush and soak for a couple of minutes to soften your cuticles.
  • Next take an orange stick with a tiny piece of cotton wrapped around it and push back cuticles. If you have hangnails or rugged cuticles, clip them with cuticle scissors. Massage cuticles with cuticle oil and apply hand cream.
  • Use the nail polish remover one more time and remove any oil or lotion that may remain on your nails from the previous step. This will help your nail polish to stay longer and better.
  • Apply a base coat or nail strengthener, depending on what you need. Never forget this step if you enjoy dark polishes, this will help prevent staining. For a simple look, you can stop now.
  • Pick out your favorite color of nail color and apply two light coats.
  • Last but not least, apply a clear nail polish or top coat to help make your at home manicure last longer


How to Do A Manicure


Before beginning your manicure, wash your hands thoroughly with a scrub brush, making sure you get under the nails. Clean the tops of the nail as well. Let them dry completely. Use polish remover and a cotton ball to remove all traces of any old polish completely. Once your nails are completely clean and bare, look at them carefully just to make sure there are no signs of injury or damage to the nails or the cuticles. Applying polish to damaged nails could invite infection.


Next, use an emery board to file and shape the nail on each finger. Start with your little finger, and use short strokes to file from the outside edge of the nail toward the center in the same direction. File with two or three short strokes and then one longer smooth stroke. If you file your nail this way, you will avoid any splitting. The single longer stroke blends and smoothes the edge of the nail so it is uniform.

Nail Manicure

Your nails need to be taken care of too. Giving your nails a manicure is a good way to take care of them and pamper them. Given below are the steps to achieve the perfect manicure at home.

To begin with remove all traces of your nail polish. Use as many cotton balls as needed. Use a nail file or an emery board to shape your nails. File in one direction only. Do not use the seesaw motion. To shorten the nail, use the course side of the emery board first and finish with the finely textured side. Work on your nails carefully and with respect. Do not go overboard with your manicure. To check if your nails are well done run your nails over a pair of old pantyhose. Your nails should not snag the hose.

Apply cuticle remover cream and gently push back the cuticles using a cotton bud. Never cut your cuticles. Massage away dead skin using circular movements. Apply hand lotion and massage your palm of your hand with the thumb of your other hand. This will improve blood circulation. Work your way all over your hand and repeat with your other hand. Before you paint your nails, clean them with an orange stick that has been wrapped with cotton and dipped in nail polish remover and rub over the surface of the nail. Remove any creamy residue, if there is none then you can polish your nails. While polishing your nails being in the center of your nail. Paint one stroke down the center and then the sides of the nail. You should paint a nail in three strokes. Let it dry completely before applying the second coat. Apply color after your nails are completely dry. Use a base coat before applying nail polish. Then apply a color of your choice and do not apply a new coat before the previous one dries. You should apply three coats of color. After applying color apply topcoat and it will give added protection and help your nail color to last longer without chipping. Store nail polish in the fridge. To prevent the cap from sticking apply a little vaseline around it.

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