Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is an important component of an individuals well being and an integral aspect of the holistic health philosophy.

Physical, mental and spiritual health are deeply intertwined and have a profound effect on one another.

This truth is clearly exhibited for instance when someone who is sad on the emotional level experiences fatigue, a loss of energy and/or decreased appetite on the physical level and on the spiritual level they feel out of touch with their true self and disconnected from the universe.

Another clear example would be that when spiritually we feel lost and unbalanced, this may cause us to be moody and discontent with life, perhaps we grow emotionally distant from our loved ones and on the physical level we may experience stress or fatigue.

On the other hand, when we feel spiritually connected and fulfilled, everything in our life including physical and emotional pain are easier to deal with. We feel lighter and happier.

There’s no denying it – when we feel connected and balanced spiritually we feel better physically and emotionally. Nourishing the soul is as important as food, water and exercise.

Some people claim to experience complete healing from certain health conditions through a variety of spiritual methods, but this doesn’t happen all that often.

However, even if complete healing is not attainable, our physical health and over all sense of well being can be greatly enhanced by enriching our spiritual health.

This is an extremely helpful asset for anyone living with a chronic health condition. You may not be able to cure your illness, but the spiritual can be used to help you feel better, cope with pain, symptoms, limits and daily challenges, continue to find meaning and purpose in your life and live life more fully. When things get really rough it gives us the strength to carry on.

Although I am certainly not thrilled to be enduring the experience of chronic illness and all it entails, and I often wish it would go away, I do believe we can be transformed by it in a positive way. Illness can be a spiritual journey that helps us to know ourselves better and to grow. It has the ability to put us in touch with the metaphysical world and a different level of consciousness. It brings us back to our soul and offers spiritual transformation and self-realization. It pushes and nudges us to transcend the mundane material reality that most of us live in into a higher spiritual realm.

For some unknown spiritual reason it appears that it takes a great deal of pain, suffering and difficulties to push one to grow spiritually and emotionally and without there tends to be little growth within. I often feel angry that spirituality operates this way, but I have seen it be true over and over. In “The Alchemy of Illness,” Kat Duff teaches us that “Indigenous communities believe illness is one of the most reliable means of revelation and knowledge.”

Most people are unaware of the importance of spiritual health, caught in the whirlwind of life, mindlessly and without question, living an illusion. Illness shatters this illusion. We are forever changed by the experience of illness and we learn things we would have never learned otherwise. We can take these spiritual lessons and the knowledge we acquire and share it with those around us to try and make the world a better place, so that hopefully it won’t come to the point where all those that come after us will endure the same suffering that we have, and so the earth can begin to heal.

If you’re not living with chronic health problems, spiritual health is still very important for many of the same reasons and to maintain balance in your health.

Enriched spiritual health offers all of us comfort, meaning, harmony, purpose, hope, strength and inner peace in our life. Ways to Enhance Your Spiritual Health There are many different spiritual paths and no one can tell another which is the right one to choose. Each of us must follow the yearnings of our own soul or true self.

It’s important to note that we aren’t talking about religion here. Some people may find spiritual fulfillment in religion, but it is only one of many ways. Religion and spirituality are not one in the same. Spiritual connection is about finding meaning and purpose in your life, discovering who you truly are and connecting with the sources that provide you inner strength, comfort, hope and inner peace.

Be still and listen. Tune into your inner voice and identify what it is that makes you feel whole and connected to the universe. When do you feel most fulfilled and complete? What gives you inner peace, comfort, strength and harmony?

For some it may be a daily ritual such as meditation, yoga or the law of attraction, while for others it may be weeding the garden, watching the sunset, taking a walk or other forms of getting back to nature. Others may find it through community service, art, music or dance. The sources of spiritual fulfillment are many.

Your spiritual health as well as your emotional and physical health may be improved by cultivating more humor and gratitude in your life. Remembering to appreciate the simple things in life and not taking yourself too seriously.

A lot of people think that the search for the spiritual is a big mystery or requires attendance in retreats or meetings with great spiritual gurus, but that is not the case. Spirituality is an integral part of everyone and can be found in all aspects of your life. You only need to become aware. Spiritual development is a process that takes place throughout the course of one’s life.

Experiencing life completely and consciously even in the midst of great pain and suffering is the essence of spiritual health.

How important is prayer? Prayer is a form of spiritual communication with the Holy Trinity for Praise, Worship, Thanksgiving, and Repentance, and it provides a means of communicating our desire for God to bless and fulfill the needs of others, and to bring any concerns we have before the Lord for spiritual guidance. Daily prayer establishes a relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, which is a requisite for forgiveness of sins and salvation and it provides emotional comfort and spiritual strength to withstand life’s trials and tribulations, while the Holy Ghost empowers believers to bear fruit of the spirit. Unfortunately, a lot of people think of prayer only as a petition to help them achieve a particular goal, or they use prayer only during a crisis.

Does God answer prayers? Prayers are most likely answered when directed towards Spiritual Blessings and they are always answered when in agreement with the will of God although even then he may not promise a smooth passage, only a safe landing. When praying for God’s will to shape our lives through his knowledge of the past, present, and future, (and without the worries and anxieties to run our own lives), one begins to see the many blessings and even small miracles taking place one would have never thought of asking for in the first place.

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