Think Positive To Stay Healthy

Nowadays many sicknesses still kill millions of people. About 18 million a year die from different diseases because some of us do not take precautions to guard our precious body, which is given by God to do some mission on earth for some purpose and also to realize our almighty power. For example, we smoke too much, we drink too much, we eat too much flesh and invite all these bacteria from the flesh into our systems, etc. All these killing factors make our lives a miserable time. Actually, we could live a better life if we organize more, if we appreciate our body more. And if we eat just nutritious food for our body, and not eat because of the taste, and eat just a reasonable amount, then of course, our health will not be so much endangered. Most of the vegetarian people become healthier. Many of you became healthier after taking initiation and switching to a vegetarian diet. Is that not so? (Audience: Yes!) Actually, the hospital is full of meat-eating people. No problem. We can see the proof there. Not only because the vegetarian diet is healthy in itself, but also because the vibrations are very harmonious to our body whereas the vibrations of the animals are not that harmonious, not so peaceful.

Actually it is very easy to live a simple and healthy life. There is no need for so much medicine, no need for so many injections. Many of us harm ourselves because we bring poisonous substances into our body. If we know how to live a simple, nutritious, healthy life, we really don’t need doctors so much. The doctor can have more holidays and both stay healthy.

In my experience I have found that positive and negative thinking are both contagious. We all know we affect the people we meet in one way or another and this happens instinctively and on a subconscious level. How? Through our thoughts and feelings transference and through our body languages. People sense and react to our aura and to our subconscious messages and they are not only affected by our thoughts, but they also react to them. When we are sending negative signals, people react accordingly. Often, people are more willing to help if we are positive. It takes the same amount of effort to think positive as it takes to think negative so why not use our energies in a positive way regardless of our situation?

It is easy for someone healthy and happy to tell you to stay positive, but how do you accomplish that? And what are the practical ways to ensure that you are facing a crisis in a positive way when everything around you is falling apart?

At this point in my life I am so used to Affirmations that I am doing them without thinking. Occasionally, when I have been in intolerable pain, I find my mind drifting to negative thoughts. For these times, I have devised a simple solution to bring me back to positive thinking. I wear a rubber band around my wrist and snap it (hard!) to remind me that I am on the wrong path. You will not have to do this very often, believe me! Now just thinking about the rubber band is enough for me to turn my thoughts around.

Affirmations should be written using positive, attainable words. Saying something like I will receive a million dollars is not only unrealistic it is also written in the future and you need to make sure that all Affirmations are written in the present form, stressing positive accomplishment. Write them short, in your own words affirming the positive result you want.

Here are some of my daily Affirmations:

– I am healthy and improving every day

– My body is responding well to exercise

– I am calm, relaxed and contented

– My thoughts are under my control

– I enjoy doing Affirmations

– Every day in every way I am getting better and better

– I have lots of energy

– I am surrounded by love

If you want to be happy, healthy, successful and wants to live longer, you will have to keep positive thinking. Positive thinking is very important in our life, by just saying the positive words to your self, you can bring a great change in your life, so again and again keep on repeating that I can do it, I am happy, I am healthy, I am successful, these positive affirmations when becomes an habit, our subconscious mind is automatically programmed in such a manner that we have an habit of positive thinking.

A healthy and positive thinking life is the greatest joy of life. You feel exhilarated, energetic happy and on the top of the world. You feel good to be alive, every thing looks beautiful in the world. Here I shall discuss with you ‘How to think positive and stop thinking negative.

Our body is controlled by our mind. So in order to keep your body healthy, it is important taking charge of your mind. Try : “To think positive and stop thinking negative, I now take charge of my body to maintain perfect health, strength and happiness now and always, so be it. “ Repeat it again and again, all the negatives of your mind will be washed out. Every person has a capability to fulfill his own desire.

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