Tip For Combination Skin

Combination skin is a combination of both oily and dry skin. There is a greasy center panel consisting of nose, forehead and chin and a dry panel consisting of cheeks, mouth and the areas around the eyes. This type of skin is very common, and it should be treated as if it were two different types of skin.

The best skincare routine for combination skin The T-zone tends to need more attention than the drier areas of the face. Look for gentle cleansers and moisturisers that will work to keep it under control.

Look for cleansers suitable for combination skin. A deep-pore cleanser will help to keep the oily T-zone clear. In the summer, an antibacterial soap will help to keep bacteria in check and prevent problems in the T-zone.

An oil-inhibiting moisturiser will provide enough hydration for the dry areas of the face, without making the oilier areas worse. If you feel you’re not getting enough hydration, try a lotion with silicone oils – they’re light enough to moisturise without causing extra oiliness.

A gentle toner will help to keep the skin in the central panel of the face shine-free. There’s no need to use it on drier areas.

When you exfoliate, pay special attention to oilier areas such as the chin, nose and forehead. A gel mask suits combination skin. Or try using two different masks: a clay mask for the oil-prone nose, chin and forehead, and a cream mask for dry areas, such as the cheeks.

What to avoid if you have combination skin Combination skin is tricky because it has opposing needs. Take care not to exacerbate either the oiliness or the dryness by avoiding:

Overwashing This will make your cheeks drier and strip oil from the T-zone, causing the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum to compensate.

Mixing products Instead of trying to mix and match products for different skin types, use skincare for combination skin.

Heavy moisturisers These will nourish the dry areas of your face but will be too lubricating for the T-zone. It’s better to strike a balance with a light, non-pore-blocking lotion.

Combination skin

~ Mix 3-4 tablespoons of Multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth) with 8-10 ground pudina (mint) leaves. Freeze the pack overnight.

Keep outside for 10-15 minutes and then apply on your face. After 10-15 minutes, wash off and pat dry. It helps in cooling and cleansing your skin.

~ Boil a handful of lemon grass leaves in one litre of water, until you get the aroma. Then, place in an ice tray and freeze. After returning home from work or an outing, rub a lemon grass ice cube all over your face. It cleanses the dirt and grime accumulated in your skin’s pores and shuts them.

Whisk away black spots and pimples

~ Make a paste of either half a piece of nutmeg/ six to eight jamun seeds with water/ rose water. Apply on your face. Leave to dry. Then, wash with cold water and pat dry.

~ Squeeze half a fresh lemon into one glass of freshly boiled milk. Leave for half and hour, then apply on your face before retiring to bed.

~ Take 125 ml (¾ cup) of tomato juice and squeeze in half a lemon. Add five to seven mashed mint leaves and black salt to taste.

Drink this every morning and evening for at least one week. It will help detoxify the body.

It also helps to relieve constipation and worm infestation.

For blemishes

~ Rub a slice of lemon or the remains a squeezed lemon on your face. Allow it to remain overnight, then wash with cold water. It will restore your skin’s softness and lend your complexion a glow.

~ Squeeze the juice of one lemon into one ripe tomato (in which a hole has been made). Rub the tomato on your face. Leave to dry. Then, wash with water and pat dry.

Diet tips

Diet can play a major role in imparting glow and freshness to your skin, some of the tips that can help are:

~ Drink 12 to14 glasses of water everyday.

~ Avoid eating to much of fried foods like vadas, samosa, chips, bhajias, etc. Stick to fresh vegetable salads or fruit salads.

Depending on the seasonal availability, eat all types of fresh, green vegetables and all types of fresh, juicy fruits (except for strawberries and mangoes; they are heaty and overconsumption can lead to acne).

~ Avoid consuming too much of heaty food like chillies, garlic, non-vegetarian items or dried fruits like dates.

~ Detoxify once a month by consuming fresh vegetables, fruits and liquids all day.

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