Slow Eating Benefits

The concept of eating slowly as a means to avoid overeating is based on the simple fact that your brain needs about 20 minutes to get the “signal” that you are not hungry anymore and that you can stop eating.[1] Our body needs time for the digestive and hormonal processes to take place at a point or phase far along enough to generate the “satisfied signal”. Prior to the invention of convenience food, more chewing and slower eating was normal and therefore people were likely to reach the 20 minute natural stopping signal without having to be conscious of slowing down. However, given our fast food culture, this set point is often missed because the meal is well and truly over before reaching it!

Eating slowly can help you to better understand your real hunger signals and can help you to recognize reasons for faster eating, such as emotions or simply liking the taste of a food. However, eating slowly is not a decision that you make on the spur of the moment; rather, it’s a habit that you’ll need to persevere with and acquire with practice.

Note: Drink two glass of water before starting meal, then You will hydrated and feel fuller instantly, which can help you from over eating.

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