What Is Yoga?

It is hard to explain the concept of yoga briefly, as it is part of a long spiritual Indian heritage that has spanned many writers, and traditions, and has gone through a lot of changes over time.

Yoga as it is practiced in the West is often times simply the asanas, or yoga postures. And there is nothing wrong with this.

This site presents a lot of information on yoga postures, including diagrams, on many postures. And information on the importance of the breath, which is integral to yoga and which differentiates it from other forms of exercise.

There are a lot of benefits to doing yoga postures. You certainly don’t need to take yoga any further than that, but there is more information on these spiritual and healing aspects if the interest is there. Like anything, take what is appropriate for you, and leave the rest.

Yoga For Everyone! Yoga is so popular these days, it’s easy to find yoga classes for all manner of issues and special requirements. There are yoga classes for pregnancy, beginners, gay men, and even kids! There are even books on yoga for couples, though these can be done with any partner – not just the romantic kind!

And, of course, yoga can be used for those with specific injuries and illnesses. Whether it’s epilepsy, arthritis, depression, or diabetes, there are asanas that can help relieve symptoms. These articles discuss what’s best, and what to avoid.

Yoga can simply be good for people who aren’t sick, but still want to improve aspects of their health – whether its digestion, stress, or they need to lose weight.

If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you may prefer a more active and strengthening style of yoga so that your body is still challenged physically. And seniors will have different requirements again.

Yoga BreathingYoga breathing is one of the most important aspects of a successful yoga practice.

It is even more important than whether you are able to technically perform a yoga pose perfectly!

As we develop a yoga practice, we are not going to necessarily do an asana perfectly. And that is fine – as long as we engage the breath consciously.

You might be wondering why such a simple and common thing like breathing can become an element which can make all the difference in a yoga session.

Well, first of all you need to acknowledge that by the process of breathing we provide our bodies with the necessary amounts of oxygen that we all require in order to thrive. Moreover, the breathing process is vital because it is an efficient way of getting rid of the by-products of metabolism our bodies generate.

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